DuoPad mini Ø 9,5 cm, yellow fibre

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Heard-wearing, durable, gentle on material – extremely practical for removing dust quickly in between times. Ideal for sensitive surfaces.


Dusting with the yellow fibre – use dry, damp or wet.

  • When it is a question of cleaning and dusting quickly now and again, the yellow fibre is just the right thing! This is because it has been specially developed for the care of sensitive surfaces, such as wood, painted and high-gloss surfaces, marble, metal etc. Even radiators and sanitary areas with “lotus effect” can be cared for with the DuoPad in a manner that particularly protects the material. The DuoPad can be used dry, damp or wet, as required, and is very hard-wearing and durable. For gentle and effective cleaning and the fresh feel of cleanliness.
  • specially developed for sensitive surfaces
  • ideal for dusting, dry or damp
  • for cleaning and care of smooth leather
  • for dusting green plants

Always wash yellow fibre beforehand.

  • chairs, cupboards, wooden and plastic tables
  • bathroom furniture, fittings
  • leather seats, leather furnishings
  • leather shoes, jackets, bags, sitting room suites

70 % Polyester, 30 % Lyocell

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