Dry Cloth M 45 x 60 cm, yellow

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Our expert for streak and fluff-free drying and subsequent polishing of crockery, glass surfaces, windows etc. sparkling shine guaranteed!


Simply use dry to dry off delicate surfaces and objects!

  • Sparkling shine for crockery, glass surfaces, windows, tiles, mirrors, glasses and much more besides! This is best achieved using the Dry-Cloth – the true expert for streak- and lint-free drying off. The Dry-Cloth has also become an essential tool for quick, streak-free drying off of fittings, bathroom/garden furniture and car windows! Depending on the requirement, it can be used dry or damp and is available in three sizes for optimum handling and available in four colours to allocating them to specific areas of application.
  • 100% microfibre, absolutely lint-free
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Streak-free drying and polishing
  • Sparkling shine for all surfaces
  • Lies comfortably in the hand
  • Available in 3 sizes and 5 colours (yellow, green, blue, natural, turquoise) (The natural colourway can only be ordered as a Dry-Cloth large)
  • For glass tables, windows, mirrors or as a dish towel
  • Extremely durable

As microfibres can accumulate lime-scale with moisture and cloths can become hard, regular (once or twice a year) descaling of cloths using KalkEx Plus is recommended for hard water to ensure they remain soft in the long term. Dosage recommendation: add approx. 50 ml of KalkEx Plus to 1 l of water, allow cloths to soak for 12–24 hours. If heavily impacted by lime-scale, increase dosage or repeat process.

  • Fittings
  • Car windows
  • Cutlery
  • Windows, inside and outside
  • Tiled splash-backs
  • Crockery
  • Glass tables
  • Ideal for drying and polishing smooth and hard surfaces
  • Hobs
  • Mirrors
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Tables
  • Doors
  • Display cabinets
  • Bathroom sinks

80 % Polyester, 20 % Polyamide

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