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The right product for everyone:

All surfaces and all types of dirt have different characteristics that must be taken into consideration during professional cleaning. Our cleaning fibres are therefore perfectly adapted to the most diverse requirements.

The dust pro

Yellow – for light dirt on sensitive surfaces

The all-round talent

Green – for normal to heavy soiling on almost all surfaces

The tough pro

Blue - for stubborn dirt on non-sensitive surfaces The heavyweight pro

The heavyweight

Grey - for the most stubborn dirt on non-sensitive surfaces

The gentle pro

White - for drying floors and glass surfaces and cleaning oiled and waxed wooden floors

Our fibres

Your advantages at a glance

  • Cleaning also only possible with water
  • Extremely durable
  • Strong cleaning power
  • High-performance fibre
  • Versatile in use
  • Machine washable up to 60 °C

Our microfibre cloths

For everyday wiping and drying of many surfaces and objects in the home, we have the right microfibre cloths for you in many attractive colours.

Pro Cloth - picks up particularly large amounts of dirt; for wiping light to heavy dirt off non-sensitive surfaces.

Pro Cloth Plus S 35 x 40 cm
Pro Cloth Plus M 40 x 45 cm

Dry Cloth - for streak-free drying and polishing of all non-sensitive surfaces.

Dry Cloth S • 40 x 45 cm
Dry Cloth M • 45 x 60 cm

Tea towel - in maxi format for drying glasses, crockery and pots. With practical hook in the centre.

Tea towel • 45 x 80 cm

Unlike for the fibres, the colour of the microfibre cloths has no function. Simply choose your favourite.