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What does it actually take for people to feel comfortable at home?

We have thought a lot about this. With JEMAKO we provide the answer.

The JEMAKO principle: Simply clean.

Home is the best place. Home Sweet Home. La Maison du Bonheur. There are sayings about the most beautiful place in the world in every language. And everyone knows where it is: home.

It's only logical that we do a lot to preserve the beauty of our own homes. We cherish them, we care for them. We invest a lot of time and money. People have always done that. Housework is a life task. Not everyone likes doing it but everyone looks forward to the clean result at the end.

When we founded JEMAKO in May 1999, this was the idea that has driven us: Let’s make cleaning easier! “Simply clean” was born. This is still our mission today: To develop solutions that are simple and clean in every respect.

This is why we manufacture cleaning products in premium quality. This is why JEMAKO is only available from trained specialist advisers in face-to-face sales. This is why we set ourselves the highest standards in dealing with people and nature.

Dear readers, on this page you can learn more about how JEMAKO works and why you do everything right when you invite JEMAKO to your home. I guarantee you, you will feel good!

Gregor Kohlruss
Founder & Managing Director of JEMAKO

We stand for clean values!

Clean benefits!

Cleaning products in premium quality for best effectiveness and durability, Made in Germany

Clean together

Personal advice given on an equal level, culture of support, flexible and self-directed way of working

Clean into the future

Products manufactured responsibly, sustainable human resources and location policies, fair treatment of customers and business partners

Kai Eiting from Quality Control for our Power Cleaner

Clean benefits!

Cleaning habits are as different as people. There are households that have a whole cabinet full of "power cleaners" from advertising. Others prefer to clean with grandma's old household remedies. All this cleans. Sometimes more, sometimes less. The problem: for the most part, these methods are used wrongly in the home.

This is where JEMAKO comes in. We develop highly effective cleaning products in premium quality. With scientific methods, innovative fibre technology and controlled product standards "Made in Germany". But only our trained JEMAKO sales advisers ensure clean perfection. They demonstrate the JEMAKO products in the customer's household. Nobody better understands the cleaning challenges faced by every household.

Powerful cleaning products meet powerful advice. The result is a unique system with the best effect - JEMAKO!

Perfect all-rounders & highly effective specialists

JEMAKO has been developing premium quality cleaning products since 1999. A well-balanced product mix and the high combinability of the different fibres and cleaners make up our range. The fact that there are customers who are still cleaning with the fibres they brought in the years when JEMAKO began is the best praise we can imagine. It is exactly what drives us every day: the challenge of producing the best cleaning products on the market.

  • Our classic. The green glove. For Bathroom, windows, kitchen, glass. Super handy for perfect cleaning.

  • Our fibres and cleaners are a well-practised team. The effect and fibre structure are perfectly coordinated.

  • Also a JEMAKO principle: a good result does not always require a cleaner. The right fibre and some water are often enough.

  • Classics don’t age! We know the value of the tried and tested. Our Lemon Balsam is a prime example of this.

  • Other products are being continuously improved: the new JEMAKO Doormat (2018) is a must-have for many of our customers!

  • The proportion of sustainable cleaning products is growing. In order to use resources as efficiently as possible, we constantly ask ourselves what we can do better.

Clean together

Our butterfly reflects it: every home can be transformed into something very beautiful with ease and light-heartedness.

That is why JEMAKO products are only available for face-to-face sale. Our sales advisers listen with an open ear at every cleaning party. They know the questions that arise in the household and have an answer ready for any problem and any surface. They therefore help in a targeted and practical way. With fun. With enthusiasm. And without sales pressure. Because the basis of our advice is trust-based, respectful contact with each other.

And it is the same with JEMAKO itself. We act in a friendly way: honesty, respect and cohesion characterise our contact with each other. We want our employees and our sales advisers to be able to fulfil their potential, to be able to work flexibly. Because this is the only way direct sales can work for us: when the focus is on the human being.

Designing individually. Achieving goals together.

Direct marketing needs real personalities. People who are complete naturals at cleaning parties. People you can trust. JEMAKO creates an environment in which everyone can develop freely: whether trainee, manager or sales adviser. As different as we are, we share one conviction: we achieve the best results together!

What moves us, what we move.

  • "I joined as a commercial employee a few years ago. Today I conduct training courses for our sales advisers. Something quite different. I think I am a good example of how JEMAKO recognises and specifically promotes potential."

    Dirk Kinzig trains sales advisers and supports them in their further development.

  • "Like many others, I just did JEMAKO on the side - with 3 kids from home. Then it quite quickly became more and 2 cleaning parties per week were the average. The job was also financially worthwhile for me and thanks to the support of my husband we now lead our own team. I could not have imagined a career like this in a conventional job.”

    Elke F., JEMAKO sales adviser since 2005.

  • "I started when this all began 20 years ago. So much has happened since then. JEMAKO has always reinvented itself, but has remained true to itself in the essential things. That is something I really appreciate. I think that's why so many colleagues who have been here from the start still work here."

    Roswitha Genschick heads the JEMAKO Human Resources department.

  • "Every colleague is valued the same here, whether in customer service or at the sewing machine. That's really important to me in the job. No-one thinks they are too good to muck in. The co-operation is great and I think this is a very important point, at JEMAKO to work on projects that are just as great".

    Rebecca Pierkes has worked in Production since August 1999.

  • "I first became aware of the job as a chemical laboratory assistant through JEMAKO. I really wanted this training, but it was also important for me to work for a responsible employer. At JEMAKO I now have both."

    Anika Harks is an apprentice in our research and development department.

  • "JEMAKO inspired me from the very first second. The durability and easy handling of the products helped me a lot during cleaning. My enthusiasm has now lasted for 14 years. It is fun to share this joy with my customers and to amaze them again and again. Thanks to the JEMAKO business model, I have always been able to reconcile family and career very well".

    Andrea W., JEMAKO sales adviser since 2005.

Marc Gebhardt develops products for JEMAKO that are in harmony with people and nature.

Clean into the future

What makes a premium product? Naturally first-class quality. But for us, much more, too! Premium for us also means that our customers can buy and use JEMAKO products with a clear conscience.

This is why we set ourselves high standards in order to bring our products into harmony with people and nature in the best sense of the word. We use resources sustainably. We create an environment in which employees enjoy working well. We meet suppliers and partners on an equal footing.

Quite simply: we are constantly asking how we can become better. JEMAKO products not only clean, they are clean, too!

We are a medium-sized company. And that is how we behave.

There are so many things that we love about medium-sized businesses: they stand for growth and employment. For regional commitment. For globally leading innovations. People work here who are down-to-earth and like to get involved. This is what JEMAKO stands for. We take responsibility for this.

  • Regionally rooted, internationally positioned. JEMAKO is as down-to-earth as Munster region where the company is based. This results in our sustainable human resources and location policy. 

  • With ECO Plus we recognise cleaning products whose ingredients have been carefully selected, which are cleverly packaged and biodegradable. The label stands for maximum compatibility with people and the environment.

  • We support social initiatives and the great work of regional associations.

  • We do a lot for the quality of JEMAKO products: "Made in Germany" production standards, high-quality ingredients, sustainable use of resources.

  • We promote family-friendly working models and are a springboard for successful self-employment.