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Floor-Fibre white/ green short, two-pack

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The set that can be used universally for all matt and uneven floors. 

The Floor Fibre, green short, is ideal for rough surfaces and unpolished porcelain stoneware. The fibre impresses with its high dirt absorption and good mechanics and cleans thoroughly without creating fluff. It is also easy to wring out and rinse after use. The Floor Fibre, white, can then be dried quickly and easily. The fibre glides easily over the floor and is perfect for all smooth surfaces such as high-gloss tiles, polished natural stone or glass surfaces. Used slightly damp it is also ideal for laminate.

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Add Floor-Care to water (dose ratio: 1:500; i.e. 10 ml Floor-Care (=1 cap) to 5l of water). Wet the green Floor Fibre and wring out well. Clean the floor and then wipe using the white Floor Fibre.

Floor Fibre green short/white: 

Please observe: Wash all fibres and cloths before first use. Do not use fabric  conditioner. For optimal cleaning and care of your fibres and cloths, we recommend the JEMAKO Wash Pouch as well as our special Detergent.   

If the Floor Fibre is very heavily soiled after use, please wash it out beforehand with Intensive or Power Cleaner. Then wash in the Wash Pouch as usual. 

Floor Fibre green short-pile:

  • All smooth floors
  • Glass surfaces
  • External wooden flooring
  • Limestone
  • Matt stoneware
  • Natural stone
  • Rough, matt tiles
  • Raw, untreated wooden flooring
  • Windows (conservatories, greenhouses, glass roofs etc.) 

Floor Fibre white short-pile:

  • Laminate
  • Parquet
  • High-gloss floor tiles
  • Polished stoneware
  • Polished natural stone
  • Wooden flooring: oiled, waxed
  • Windows (conservatories, greenhouses, glass roofs etc.) 

Floor Fibre green short-pile: 100 % Polyester 

Lenght: 42 cm 

Floor Fibre white short-pile: 89 % Lyocell, 11 % Polyester 

Lenght: 42 cm

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