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Our best product? The job as an independent JEMAKO sales adviser!

Because with this partnership, we offer you the opportunity to achieve your individual professional goals, regardless of age and education.

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Find out about working as an independent sales adviser and become part of the JEMAKO team.

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Even success is sustainable around here

With our highly transparent sales system, no minimum order quantities and no compulsory purchases, JEMAKO is focused on sustainable growth for long-term success rather than quick wins.

Focus on training
“I joined JEMAKO as a housewife and I was naive enough to believe that I knew all there was to know about housework. But then I had one epiphany after the other during the training sessions. Now I see cleaning in a completely different light and I can pass on all this knowledge to others at the parties. The guests are always really grateful, so it’s such a nice feeling to be sharing with them in this way. All the training courses and seminars really helped me to learn and develop.”
Focus on growth
“JEMAKO doesn’t just jump on every bandwagon going. Instead, I can see that the company is constantly evolving in a very strategic way. Lots of the sales partners like that fact because we all ultimately benefit from that kind of steady growth. In my whole time working with the company, I’ve never had to worry about being out of work or short on sales. Quite the opposite, in fact.”
Focus on getting started
"To start with, I wasn't sure what being self-employed would be like. I'm not exactly great at the paperwork side of things. JEMAKO supports me for sure, but I really rely on all my experienced colleagues too. The network is very well organised. My feelings of uncertainty soon disappeared and I started to focus all my attention on my business."
Focus on security in self-employment
“I have never seen self-employment as a status symbol. I don’t need my work to prove that I’m capable of achieving things all by myself. Basically, I just want to be my own boss. And what better way to make that happen than with products that are known to be popular and successful? I liked the fact that I could work for myself without any of the financial risk that usually goes with self-employment. I could never regret my decision to start out with JEMAKO.”

The JEMAKO incentive programme

Discover the many additional advantages as an independent JEMAKO sales adviser. Success must be worthwhile! This is why there is a special incentive programme at JEMAKO. Those who are consistently good in their business can look forward to many attractive special benefits!

High quality rewards

Successfully score points with your sales performance. Select your preferred reward from a diverse range.

Diverse workshops

Further development meets a feel-good atmosphere. Meet sales adviser colleagues and successfully advance your business.

Shared moments

Learning, celebrating and exchanging ideas with sales advisers: In exciting competitions you can qualify for participation in shared experiences.

Are you curious?

Would you like to find out how you can get started as a JEMAKO sales adviser? You sales adviser will be pleased to help you. Or write to us!

Become a sales adviser

I would like to receive information about the sales adviser partnership and register for "JEMAKO introduces itself".  

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