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Eco-friendly packaging

Our shift towards less packaging

Is there a way of protecting our products whilst staying sustainable with our packaging? We live by our philosophy of only using as little as possible but as much as we need. This allows us to achieve the perfect balance between sustainability and usability

Gradual shift to sustainable packaging

A number of years ago, JEMAKO was still using standard plastic packaging. But then we started to rethink things and make some changes. By 2017, 50% of the materials used to produce our popular 500-ml bottles were recycled. It only took us until 2020 to increase that figure to 100%. And we’ve rolled this recycled packaging out to all our other containers since. Pretty good effort, right? 

We’re still reducing and optimising our packaging where we can make even more changes in favour of the environment. Recycled plastics originating from post-consumer waste are a major part of our strategy here. 

JEMAKO recycling by numbers

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Recycling properties of JEMAKO 500-ml bottles

The very good recyclability of our PET bottles including label and PP closure has been certified by an independent institute. The sorting system can detect every component of our packaging with above-average ease ready for it to be moved on to the next stage of the recycling process. It’s often tricky to recycle labels but we’ve even got that covered.

Pick it, pack it

So now you know that our cleaning products come in sustainable packaging. But other products need to be packed up too before we dispatch them so they don’t get damaged in transit. We’ve found the perfect balance between protecting our products and keeping things sustainable. We’re confident you’ll be just as impressed as we are...

Less packaging

We do without the packaging altogether whenever that’s possible. 

If we can’t get away with no packaging, we make sure we’re as efficient as can be. 

Less film

Film may be a light and strong material that goes a long way, 

but we try to keep our usage to a minimum and switch to a sustainable alternative when we can (film made from bio-based or recycled plastic).

Waste paper

We use waste paper to pack out our packages and keep the products safe. And we only ever use cardboard boxes with the FSC or FSC Mix label, 

which means that they comply with strict environmental and social standards whist still being financially viable for us.

As one door opens, another one opens

We’ve made great strides on our journey towards sustainable packaging but there’s still room for improvement. 

Trust us when we say that we are working on it! We’ve already looked at what we can do better and we’re systematically working towards making our packaging even more environmentally friendly. 

Fancy an example?

Put a lid on it!

We’re currently working with our suppliers to switch the lids on our 500-ml bottles so they’re made from 100% grey recycled materials. This will extend our use of recycling waste that isn’t sorted by colour as a way of cutting down on our carbon emissions, added chemicals and energy consumption.

Innovative packaging
Our ideas for alternative packaging
Tips and tricks for reducing packaging waste
Our efforts to keep our planet clean

Sustainability comes in many forms at JEMAKO:

Sustainable cleaning
Sustainable logistics
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