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ECO Plus

Clean and green.

If you want to be more sustainable in your use of cleaning products, look out for the JEMAKO ECO Plus quality seal. We’ve been using it to label products that meet a long list of quality criteria for sustainable products since 2008. And those products seem to do the impossible – 

tackle tough stains whilst going easy on the environment.

Simply clean. Simply green.

Household cleaning products have to offer so much more than just a way of leaving homes spick and span these days. They need to be harmless to people and our planet. That’s what more and more of our customers think and we wholeheartedly agree. Just take a look at our ECO Plus cleaners – they’re sustainable all-in-one solutions you can use to tackle all kinds of dirt and work your way through your list of chores around the house. This is what our label promises:

No labelling required

All ECO Plus products are free from hazardous substances that require a warning on the label. Products containing such substances cannot be classified as ECO Plus – even if they meet all the other requirements.


The ECO Plus label is reserved for highly effective products. Our cleaners are all put through their paces, so you can rely on them to hit the spot every time. 


All of our ECO Plus cleaners have extremely low aquatic toxicity and are subject to strictly defined limits on their ingredients.


 You only need a tiny amount of your ECO Plus cleaner for maximum cleaning results.


All ECO Plus cleaning products are tested by an independent body and are proven to be gentle on the skin.


With all our ECO Plus products, recycling is the name of the game! Almost all the cleaners come in bottles made from recycled materials and can be topped up with our refill packs. 

ECO Plus is not a premium option.
It sets our sustainable standard.

We take our responsibility towards our planet and our commitment to sustainability very seriously here at JEMAKO. 

That’s why 2 out of 3 cleaning products already have the ECO Plus label. 

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Proportion of the JEMAKO range with the ECO Plus label

You’ll find an ECO Plus product to tackle every cleaning job at home in our range. Not to mention specialist cleaning products designed for specific challenges. There should be no doubt about the fact that environmentally friendly cleaning products are not a rare exception or a fad to us. They are at the very heart of the JEMAKO brand.

Spray & Wash

This detergent booster for fabrics may be gentle but it is highly effective even at low temperatures.

Power Cleaner

Dirt has no chance when faced with this environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner. Versatile and powerful, it is still kind to skin and surfaces.

Glass Cleaner

This environmentally friendly cleaning product can be used to clean all glass surfaces and mirrors without leaving streaks. Say goodbye to even the greasiest of marks!

Dustar Cleaner

This specialist cleaning product is environmentally friendly and free from alcohol. It is designed to leave sensitive surfaces (like furniture with a gloss finish) perfectly clean without the smears.

WC Hygiene Gel

You don’t need much of our eco-friendly gel to keep things nice and hygienic in your toilet. Say goodbye to deposits and unpleasant smells!

Kitchen Hygiene Cleaner

Designed for the kitchen, this hygiene product doesn’t even need to be wiped away. You may not need much of it, but it’ll get the job done without damaging your surfaces or harming the environment.

Floor Care

Our solution for deep-cleaning different types of flooring removes dirt without posing any risk to people or the planet.

Intensive Cleaner

This eco-friendly cleaning product for the home, garden, garage and industrial kitchen settings removes even stubborn dirt quickly and effectively thanks to its active soda powder. And it’s dye and fragrance free.

Sanitary Cleaner

Your answer to a bathroom clean that lasts! This cleaning product effectively removes limescale and dirt, whilst going easy on the environment.
Long live cleanliness!
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Sustainability comes in many forms at JEMAKO:

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