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All about JEMAKO

How can I become a JEMAKO sales adviser?
Contact your JEMAKO sales adviser or contact JEMAKO directly. To the contact form. You can find all further information under „“BECOME A PARTNER “.
What is the VIP customer program and how can I become a VIP customer? 
The JEMAKO VIP customer program offers many attractive benefits such as discounts deliveries free of shipping costs. You can find all information, including about how to become a VIP customer, here.

All about our products

Why are JEMAKO products particularly economical and long-lasting?
Thanks to their special characteristics, our products guarantee excellent cleaning power. At the same time, they are extremely long-lasting and productive so that you will be able to dispense with many conventional cleaning products in future. This protects not only your nerves and the environment – but your purse, too.
Is cleaning with JEMAKO particularly environmentally friendly?
Thanks to the durability of our fibres, you can dispense with many unnecessary cleaning cloths in your household. Our cleaners are also very productive and include clear dosing instructions. The excellent ECO Plus Cleaners are particularly user and eco-friendly with full cleaning power.
How do I find the right product for my cleaning problem?
Your personal JEMAKO sales adviser will be delighted to be on hand with help and advice. And we also provide you with ideas about all aspects of cleaning and stain removal in our product compass.
Are JEMAKO cleaners and care products free of animal testing?
All JEMAKO cleaners and the Timeout care products are manufactured free of animal testing.
I have also seen JEMAKO products on a market stall. Are these original products?
To ensure that your JEMAKO fibres and cleaners are 100% genuine and do what they promise, we recommend that you only order your JEMAKO products from an independent sales adviser or from the online shop.
Is there a JEMAKO warehouse sale?
No. Our site in Rhede does not hold a warehouse sale.
Can I make a complaint about a product?
If you are not satisfied with a product, please contact your sales adviser. He or she will take care of everything else.
Are JEMAKO products also suitable for commercial use?
JEMAKO has developed some practical aids especially for commercial use that are precisely tailored in terms of size and handling to the requirements of trade and industry. Ask your sales adviser.

All about your order

How high are the shipping costs?
Here you will find the exact shipping terms. Besides, you will also be informed on the available payment methods.
Do I have a right of cancellation?
Here you will find exact information on your right of revocation.
To which countries are the products delivered?
In the "shipping info" section you will find details on the countries to which your order can be shipped to and on the respective shipping costs.

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