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Innovative packaging

Our ideas for alternative packaging

Lots of products around are still packaged in new plastic even though it’s common knowledge that it’s harmful to the environment. We need to come up with sustainable alternatives to cut down on the use of virgin plastic. In fact, with clever ideas and innovative packaging concepts, we can do away with it altogether.

Innovation that can’t be contained

4 of our JEMAKO products come in gray cans. But although this sounds simple, we can talk about a sustainable innovation with this packaging. In developing them, we cooperated with the “Grüner Punkt”, among others. The result is packaging that is deliberately visually restrained and completely focused on sustainability.

“Pretty packaging is no good to us if it isn’t sustainable.”

Good old grey

Cleaning product packaging is often white quite simply because it looks clean. But white plastic is hard to produce without chemical additives. By making a grey container, we are consciously turning our back on long-standing consumer trends. The plastic used to make it doesn’t need to be sorted, which saves on resources and reduces energy consumption. We also decided to skip the step of adding colours to avoid the use of unnecessary chemical additives and all the energy that process would require too.

A never-ending cycle

When recycled packaging in all different colours is mixed together, what you get is good old-fashioned grey. We simply didn’t want to base any of our decisions on looks. The best bit is that because our container is made entirely from recycled materials, it can be fully recycled again.

Buy once, refill forever

We also sell environmentally friendly refill packs for almost all of our cleaning products. That equates to less plastic harming our planet and it saves our customers money too. Look at all the positive knock-on effects of buying refills rather than new products every time:


500-ml bottles saved


Saving compared to purchasing individual 500-ml bottles


Happy fish in the oceans

Positive effects of buying canisters (using a 5-litre canister of Power Cleaner as an example)
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Our efforts to keep our planet clean
Eco-friendly packaging
Our shift towards less packaging

Sustainability comes in many forms at JEMAKO:

Sustainable cleaning
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