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Sustainable cleaning

Our fresh approach to cleaning

If you want to stay sustainable at home, you need to think carefully about the cleaning products you use. But we don’t just leave you to it. No, we take it upon ourselves to offer our customers advice online, over the phone and at our cleaning parties. This way, you can be sure that you know the best way to use our fabrics and cleaners with the environment in mind. For us, combining products and customer service in this way is the only true pathway to sustainability. 

Clean products + clever partners = sustainability

Are you fed up with staring at crammed supermarket shelves in despair? Well, we don’t ever want our customers to be unsure about what to buy.

So we make sure our sales partners know exactly how to use our cleaning products to tackle every stain – including how much is needed to get the job at hand done. Our whole sustainability concept is built on this clever combination of economical, long-lasting JEMAKO products with knowledgeable customer service.

“It’s not enough to take a responsible approach at the production stage. We have to make sure our products are used properly if we want to have a chance of protecting the planet.”

Our path to super sustainability at home

All of the positive properties of our cleaning products add up to sustainability. JEMAKO customers can rely on these features without fail... 

Free from microplastics

None of our JEMAKO cleaning products contain harmful microplastics.

Just add water

JEMAKO fibres tackle lots of stains without the need for cleaning products.


The surfactants in our cleaning products are nicely biodegradable


The bottles our cleaners come in are largely made from recycled plastic and can be reused if you top them up with eco-friendly refill packs.

Certified for food preparation surfaces

Many of our cleaning products have been fully approved for use in areas used to prepare food.

Sustainability comes in many forms at JEMAKO