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Sustainable cleaning products

Clean surfaces, clear conscience

If we’re sure of one thing here at JEMAKO, it’s that cleaning can be effective and sustainable at the same time. And that shines through in our product developments. Free from microplastics and other unnecessary additives, they strike a perfect balance between ensuring effective cleaning, saving on resources and protecting people and our planet. 

Beauty on the inside

We are fully transparent with our customers about what ingredients go into our cleaning products and the thought process behind them.


Microplastics are tiny fragments of plastic that can harm our oceans, rivers and soil. They are such a problem that we avoid them altogether in all our care products and chemical cleaners. And that applies to microplastics in the form of solid particles and liquid polymers.


All detergent substances used in our ECO Plus cleaning products have to meet specific requirements for biodegradability.


As detergent substances that bind fat and water, surfactants are the most important component of cleaning products. All surfactants used in cleaning products have to meet specific requirements for biodegradability in accordance with the European Detergent Regulation. These limit values are determined in a range of tests, with the manufacturer assuming direct responsibility. Wherever possible, we use sugar-based surfactants made from renewable raw materials.


Preservatives ensure that cleaning products last longer and protect users from nasties like bacteria and fungi. As part of our sustainability mission, we leave out the preservatives whenever we can. In these cases, our compositions stay fresh naturally without the need for any additives to make them last longer. If it’s not possible to go completely without, we resort to modern preservatives with a gentle touch.

Dyes and fragrances

Most of us like to be able to smell that something is clean and fresh. And yet many of the common fragrances used on the market contain allergens that can cause skin irritation. Our ECO Plus cleaning products are free from fragrance allergens or don’t have any fragrance at all (such as the Kitchen Hygiene Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and Intensive Cleaner).

Animal-based ingredients

Over 90% of our cleaning products are vegan. As it stands, we use animal-based raw materials in five of our products. We limit these to animal products (like wax) and by-products (like fat). No animals are harmed in the making of JEMAKO products.

Full marks!

We think JEMAKO cleaning products are pretty special. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the people in the know have to say...

As much as necessary, as little as possible

Sustainable cleaning products can be even more sustainable when you only use the exact amount you need – and not a drop more.

Easy does it!

This is something we are always telling our customers who identify as conscious consumers. With JEMAKO fibres doing all the hard work, you only need the tiniest amount of cleaning product to get the job done. 

The results speak for themselves

All of our cleaning products are also put through their paces in tests focused on specific cleaning objectives. This is our way of knowing that our customers are actually going to get what they want out of our products – top quality and high performance

Tips and tricks for sustainable cleaning
Clean up your act!
ECO Plus
Clean and green
Long live cleanliness!
Just add water
JEMAKO fibres: just add water!

Sustainability comes in many forms at JEMAKO:

Sustainable packaging
Sustainable logistics
Made in Germany
Real relationships

Sustainable cleaning products for a spotless home