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Tips and tricks for reducing packaging waste

Our efforts to keep our planet clean

Sustainability is more important now than ever before. The good news? Every one of us can do our bit. If you’re looking to make conscious decisions when you’re out shopping, start by looking at the packaging products come in. Let’s take a look at some ways you can reduce the amount of waste created by cleaning product packaging.

Our tips and tricks

You can start making a difference to the amount of packaging waste thrown away today with our ideas. What are you waiting for? 

Reusable packaging

Packaging designed to be used more than once has a much longer lifespan than the usual single-use options.

Products without packaging

Many products are packaged in plastic or other materials. Sometimes the packaging is even doubled up or worse. Thankfully, we are seeing more and more packaging concepts designed to reduce waste or avoid it altogether (think refill packs and top-up stations).

Refill packs and jumbo packaging

Buying products in smaller packs may be cheaper and more practical but just think of all the extra waste. It’s better to buy one big pack rather than lots of little ones. The JEMAKO refill canister is a good example, as you won’t find another container with a better packaging to cleaning product ratio.

Coloured and black plastics

Avoid coloured and all-black plastic packaging where possible. Remember that chemical additives usually have to be used to dye the plastic that colour. And black plastic has the added downside that sorting machines struggle to recognise it. Inevitably, it is treated as waste and incinerated rather than recycled.

Super sustainable JEMAKO packaging

Every one of our bottles, canisters and containers is designed to be recycled. They may be made of different materials, but disposing of them properly (by removing the lids and so on) helps the recycling systems sort them correctly so they can go on to be reused.  

Clean with just water

Most of the time, our JEMAKO fabrics have such excellent cleaning properties that you don’t even have to worry about using products with them. The mechanical cleaning power of the microfibres is enough to remove even stubborn dirt without a chemical in sight. Even better than that, our fibres have been proven to kill off 99.9%* of bacteria, giving you a hygienic clean with just water.

* Tested by an independent institute on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus with the green fibre, Dish Cloth and Pro Cloth Plus used in combination with the Dry Cloth, as well as with the Floor Fibre green in combination with the Floor Fibre white (tested June 2021).

Reduce rubbish
Cleaning product packaging should be kept to a minimum, ideally with no film in sight. We are gradually making more of our cleaning product containers from recycled materials where it is an option and optimising their recycling properties. We also use waste paper and FSC-certified cardboard boxes for shipping in keeping with our philosophy of using as little as possible but as much as we need.
Buy durable products
Not all cleaning products have the same lifespan. JEMAKO fibres are designed to be used and washed, used and washed – over and over again. This gives you the chance to cut back on all the disposable products you rely on like kitchen roll, sponges and cloths. Just think of the benefits for the environment.

Sustainability doesn’t stop with our products

It’s not always easy for consumers to find out which cleaning products are sustainable and which are not. How does recycled plastic work? And is glass always the best alternative? 

Come and take a closer look with us...

Total lifespan

Much of the packaging for our cleaning products is made from recycled plastic. So it’s still plastic but it’s old plastic that has been given a new lease of life. You may not have realised it before, but recycled plastic is actually the most sustainable choice for product packaging when you factor in its total lifespan


You should know by now that we’re all about sustainability. But we also have to make sure that our larger container sizes aren’t too big to be transported safely. That’s why we use different plastics in our canisters and our bottles. Either way, our plastic packaging can be recycled.

Closed loop

The bottles our cleaning products come in are part of a cycle that avoids new waste being created. They started life as drinks bottles and they will be turned into recycled plastic again. Even the stickers and labels we use don’t hold up the recycling process. 

Glass vs plastic

It’s easy to resort to black and white thinking when it comes to sustainability. But it’s usually worth pushing past that mentality and thinking outside the box. A good example of this is glass bottles, which are usually presumed to be more sustainable. In actual fact, glass production and transportation involves a lot of energy consumption. And glass is difficult to clean. With all that in mind, we see recycled plastic as a better option for our products.

Product protection

Think about what would happen if you accidentally dropped a glass bottle full of a cleaning product? The floor would be covered in sharp shards and the cleaning product itself. You’d have to throw away the whole lot. It makes so much more sense for us to use recycled plastic because it can withstand being dropped and the contents wouldn’t be able to leak out.  

Reusable containers

Our cleaning product bottles can be reused again and again. We sell handy refill packs, 

which help us to reduce waste and you to save money.

Eco-friendly packaging
Our shift towards less packaging
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Our ideas for alternative packaging

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