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JEMAKO dishwashing powder

More WOW
for your dishes!

The new JEMAKO dishwashing powder combines top-notch cleaning action with optimal and environmentally friendly dosing – for impressively clean rinsing results.
*A survey of 93 product testers in January 2022 to see how well the cleaning performance of the JEMAKO dishwashing powder is.

For sparkling dishes,
glasses and other crockery

Dishes come in all looks, shapes and sizes: there’s simple and elegant, big and small, colourful and plain ...
And they all need to be cleaned. Presenting the new JEMAKO dishwashing powder:

A whole can of WOW!

All the benefits of our dishwashing powder at a glance:

Individual dosing

for an environmentally friendly and gentle rinse

Active-oxygen formula

for great cleaning action against stubborn stains

Glossy clean effect

for limescale-free sparkle

Quick-dry formula

for clean dishes without water spots

Extra corrosion protection

for permanently clear and clean glasses

Free from ...

... fragrances and dyes, preservatives and benzotriazole

Rinse-aid ingredients

reduce or eliminate the need for additional rinse aid

Powder vs. tab:
which is better?

Our powder:
  • can be individually dosed
  • is particularly effective
  • comes unpacked
  • is made in Germany

  • always come with a pre-dosed amount
  • make inefficient use of raw materials
  • pose a risk of overdosing (especially multi-tabs)
  • are often packed in foil

Both clean dishes – as they should. But there’s one significant difference between the two: the dosage.

While our powder can be dosed specifically according to the load and how dirty the dishes are, the practical tabs are a pre-dosed variant that always use the maximum amount of cleaner required. The permanent overdosing as a result is more expensive, environmentally harmful and can damage delicate dishes, such as those with decorative designs.

Our rinsing tips and tricks

The principle is always the same: water, detergents, temperature, technology, and time make sure that dirty dishes come out of the dishwasher clean again. Still, it pays to put your dishwasher under the microscope. Because: if you know more about it, you will use it better, more economically and sustainably. Let's get started!

Tip 1 :

Important: Wipe off food residues before you load the dishwasher, so the dishes are spotless, and the dishwasher works well.

Tip 2 :

Sort the cutlery immediately, so you can easily take it out together later. Place the cutlery in the cutlery basket with the handle down.

Tip 3 :

Always put the dishes in so that the water can reach all the dirt and the spray arms can rotate freely.

Tip 4 :

It is best not to let one piece of crockery touch another. This way, water and dirt run off better and sensitive items (such as glass) are protected and cannot be scratched.

Tip 5 :

Open the door when the machine is finished. This dries the dishes even better and there is usually no need to dry them again.

Tip 6:

The machine should be cleared from the bottom to the top. This prevents residual water from dripping from above (e.g. from the bottom of cups) onto the dry dishes below. Tip: Place a tea towel on the (possibly damp) dishes to absorb any residual moisture.
You can find more information as well as tips and tricks on how to clean your dishes in our free ‘Besser spülen’ guide.
You can find more information as well as tips and tricks on how to clean your dishes in our free ‘Besser spülen’ guide.
You can find more information as well as tips and tricks on how to clean your dishes in our free ‘Besser spülen’ guide.

That's how it gets really clean

When it comes to the kitchen and dishes, we are specialists! The JEMAKO range includes everything needed in the household for gleaming clean dishes. Our high-quality fibers, the innovative dishwashing tools and our effi cient cleaning agents will convince even cleaning gurus!