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Wooden floor cleaner, 500 ml

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Cleaning and care product for all oiled and waxed wooden and cork floors. High-quality ingredients featuring natural pine resin toughen up wood and leave it with a satin finish.


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  • Maximum cleaning and care for oiled and waxed wooden floors
  • Also suitable for cork floors
  • Removes stubborn dirt and water stains
  • Floors dry quickly and can be walked on immediately
  • High-quality ingredients featuring natural pine resin                                                                 
  • Toughens up floors so they last longer
  • Leaves behind a satin finish and removes residue
  • Ultra-efficient
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, dermatologically tested

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Remove any loose dust and dirt from the wooden floor before wiping. Pour 50 ml to 100 ml of the Wooden Floor Cleaner into a bucket with 10 l of lukewarm water. Use a wet white fibre to wipe the floor. Leave to air-dry (do not wipe dry).

  • Follow the cleaning instructions provided by the floor manufacturer. Carry out preliminary tests when using on surfaces for the first time.
  • pH value: 9.0
  • Protect against sunlight and frost
  • No animal-based ingredients
  • Wooden floors (oiled/waxed                             
  • Cork floors                                                                           

Type of dirt

  • Standard household dirt
  • Earth/mud (footprints, dog paw prints and so on)
  • Residue from old cleaning and care products
  • Water stains

If you’re not sure if a wooden floor is oiled/waxed or painted, there’s a handy trick you can try. Simply run your fingernail gently over the wooden floor. If it feels uneven, it’s an oiled/waxed wooden floor.

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): less than 5%: amphoteric surfactants, anionic surfactants. Perfumes. Phenoxyethanol.

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