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Let’s clean up
our future together!

Here at JEMAKO, we pride ourselves on our fresh approach. We’ve been cleaning up our act and our cleaning products for 25 years now.

Our sustainable cleaning solutions, strict standards for our products made in Germany and refreshingly people-centred business model are just some of the ways in which we stand tall with our customers, sales partners, team members and suppliers and do our bit to keep our future on this planet looking bright. 

We develop products that clean effectively and efficiently without harming the environment.

We help customers take care of their belongings, so they last longer.

We offer advice on how to use cleaning products carefully and responsibly.

And we have no doubt that all of this is why so many customers place their trust in JEMAKO. 

But we know only too well that our sustainable development work can never be done. 

With this level of dedication and ambitious environmental, social and financial goals behind us, we are committed to stepping up our sustainability efforts here at JEMAKO again and again.