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JEMAKO Sprudelbutler​

The innovative answer
to clean drinking and carbonating bottles!

Carbonating water at home is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a logical choice as it’s practical, economical and sustainable. If only cleaning the bottles were as easy ... the new JEMAKO Sprudelbutler is the answer: an innovative product with an excellent cleaning prowess for fully clean bottles.

Cleaning Sodastream bottles with the JEMAKO Sprudelbutler

 ... and discover the new Sprudelbutler today

Easy, thorough and hygienic cleaning in no time

How can I clean my drinking and carbonating bottles the right way? And is there also a solution for tall glasses, vases, decanters and thermoses, for example? Brushes, cleaning tabs and even the dishwasher don’t clean reliably, aren’t particularly sustainable, or are simply too cumbersome. We make things easier with JEMAKO Sprudelbutler!


Easy, thorough and hygienic cleaning of your drinking and carbonating bottles.

The outstanding cleaning performance of the Sprudelbutler is based on the perfect interplay of the fibre and shape of the innovative rinsing aid. A handle that goes everywhere and the combination of the cleaning and drying fibre clean bottles better than any other bottle cleaning alternative.

Drying Sodastream bottles with the white fibre of the JEMAKO Sprudelbutler

Does away with the water and
is operable again right away

The white drying fibre takes out every last drop from the clean bottle. In a subsequent drying step, the dissolved dirt is absorbed by the fibre. Bulky bottle holders and draining grids are a thing of the past. The bottle is instantly clean and can be reused or put away.