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Tips and tricks for sustainable cleaning

Clean up your act!

We do our very best to make cleaning products that are sustainable and protect people and the planet. 2 out of 3 JEMAKO cleaning products already have the ECO Plus label. Our fibres are known for their exceptionally long lifespan. And we’ve found a way to guarantee a deep clean with just water. But if we want to reach peak sustainability, it all comes down to the ways in which you use the cleaning products at home. Every single household can do their bit and play their part.

Our tips and tricks for sustainable cleaning in the home

Looking for ways to reduce your consumption and make cleaning more gentle? Our suggestions will help you make a difference at home and do some good for the benefit of us all and our planet.

Avoid dirt
The most sustainable option is obviously to not have any dirt to clean up in the first place. If you wipe up drops of water in the bath right away, you won’t end up with limescale stains to scrub off later. And those dirty dishes? Remember to rinse your plates under cold water straight away to make washing up easier and save on washing-up liquid.
Reduce rubbish
Cleaning product packaging should be kept to a minimum, ideally with no film in sight. Whilst it is possible to find loose cleaning products in zero-waste stores and the like, it’s not very common to be able to avoid absolutely all packing. Recycled packaging materials don’t involve any new resources and they can usually be recycled themselves, which reduces the amount of rubbish.
Buy durable products
Not all cleaning products have the same lifespan. JEMAKO fibres are designed to be used and washed, used and washed – over and over again. This gives you the chance to cut back on all the disposable products you rely on like kitchen roll, sponges and cloths. Just think of the benefits for the environment.
Measure precisely
If you start getting sloppy with your measurements, you’ll end up using more detergent than you really need. That’s bad news for your bank balance and the environment. JEMAKO cleaning products are so efficient that you only need a tiny amount for a deep clean. We run regular checks to make sure that our high standards can be met with our recommended dosages to give you the perfect clean every time.
Clean with just water
Most of the time, our JEMAKO fabrics have such excellent cleaning properties that you don’t even have to worry about using products with them. Their mechanical cleaning power is enough to remove even stubborn dirt without a chemical in sight. Even better than that, our fibres have been proven to kill off 99.9% of bacteria*, giving you a hygienic clean with just water.

*Tested by an independent institute on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus with the green fibre, Dish Cloth and Pro Cloth Plus used in combination with the Dry Cloth, as well as with the Floor Fibre green in combination with the Floor Fibre white (tested June 2021).
Recycle products
It’s best for the environment when cleaning products come in plastic bottles that can be recycled. This reduces the amount of newly created rubbish going into landfill. The bottles made from old bottles can be reused to make even more recycled plastic as part of the recycling cycle.
Check the ingredients
Before you buy a cleaning product, make sure you look carefully at the label to check that it’s not a hazardous substance. There’s no need to worry with ECO Plus cleaning products from JEMAKO, though. They don’t contain anything that can harm people or the planet and they’ve been dermatologically tested. Plus, they get things clean even when you only use a tiny amount.
ECO Plus
Clean and green
Long live cleanliness!
Just add water
JEMAKO fibres: just add water!
Sustainable cleaning products
Clean surfaces, clear conscience

Sustainability comes in many forms at JEMAKO:

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