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JOi – real concentrate

Real cleanliness?
I want to be in the mix!

NEW: Four of our best-selling cleaning products – our Power Cleaner
Classic and Pink Grapefruit, Sanitary Cleaner Blue Sea and Glass Cleaner – are now available as a JOi Concentrate!

JOi stands for JEMAKO original ingredients – our tried-and-tested cleaner compositions packing full-on JEMAKO cleaning power. Concentrated to 80 ml. Mix the concentrate with water from the tap to unleash the full cleaning effect of the 500 ml cleaning products you know and love in an instant. You’ll have more space in your cleaning cupboard and be doing your bit to save the planet."

Tell me more about JOi!

What do the new JOi Concentrates do? What are their advantages over the canisters? And what makes the concentrates so sustainable? Marc Gebhardt, Product Developer and Head of our Chemical Research & Development Department, tells us all about JOi:

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Real power +
Real sustainability =
Real cleanliness!

JOi combines real power with real sustainability. Our JOi Concentrates pack all the punch of our classic JEMAKO cleaning products in a handy, compact format. And the responsible use of resources makes them more sustainable too. Bringing real cleanliness to every home!

JOi fact check

JOi is more practical, more compact, more sustainable – and still just as powerful.
That’s the JOi performance and sustainability promise.
JOi fact check:

Are you in the mix?

Our concentrates are a quick and easy solution to help you keep your whole house clean. To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, we’ve created a reusable mixing bottle to match every concentrate. You can simply pour the JOi Concentrate in and quickly mix it up to create 500 ml of the cleaning products you love. Here’s how:

Welcome JOi into your home!

The JOi Concentrate for each of the four cleaning products is available as a single bottle or in a pack of four. You can also buy the matching JOi mixing bottle for each cleaning product. Want to be in the mix? Click here to go to the shop:

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