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25 years of JEMAKO

It’s our birthday!

JEMAKO has been keeping things simply clean for 25 years. Ever since our business was born in May 1999, we’ve been on a mission to make cleaning easier. For everyone. And in every home. That’s why our motto for our anniversary is “Happy to help you at home”. We’re celebrating a quarter of a decade full of sparkling innovations and looking ahead to our plans to keep on revolutionising cleaning.

There are so many reasons to love JEMAKO!

Some people rely on us for our cleaning power. For others, it’s all about our cleaning parties. And then there’s our advice with a personal touch. You know what we think? 25 years in business is an achievement to be proud of. To celebrate, we’re sharing 25 reasons to love JEMAKO. What’s your reason?

25 years of JEMAKO

Helping homes from Rhede

Our story started with two men and a fresh take on keeping things clean. 25 years later and the original idea is still going strong with a team of around 300 employees in Rhede in Germany and a strong network of over 3,000 independent sales partners. These days, JEMAKO products are at home in so many homes. And they keep making their way into more.

Chapter one

Gregor Kohlruss and Hubert Wiesner set up JEMAKO International GmbH in May 1999, laying the foundations for the successful JEMAKO brand.

Direct sales

JEMAKO launches direct sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in its first year in business and starts to sell its products via a network of independent sales partners. It’s not long before everyone is talking about cleaning parties.

New premises in Rhede

New office space and modern production halls spanning 15,000 m2 are added to our current site in Rhede so we can keep up with the rapid growth of the business.

Sustained growth

JEMAKO expands into new markets – the Netherlands, France and Italy. Our sales partners find that cleaning parties are well received abroad too.

Growing range

We add personal hygiene and car care products to our range in the mid-2000s. Our household cleaning products continue to be our main focus.

New training centre

Our new training centre is added to our site in 2011. Our dedicated team can now provide JEMAKO sales partners with the training they need to give customers the best possible advice. This is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Increased production

Our production and warehouse space is extended by 8,000 m2 at the start of the 2010s. We are all set up to manage our continued growth.

JEMAKO online

JEMAKO starts to build its online presence alongside its cleaning parties in the middle of the 2010s. Social media allows us to reach large communities quickly.

Household brand

JEMAKO has become known as a reliable brand for all around the home thanks to its targeted cleaning solutions and clever fibres. We continue to innovate with new product developments like our door mats and our Butler range.

Growing team

More and more independent sales partners choose to work with JEMAKO. There are 3,000 altogether – and counting. We’re proud to offer a career to people at different life stages and we’re committed to supporting newcomers to independent sales.

Management handover

Gregor Kohlruss and Hubert Wiesner hand over the management of operations to Aida Rizvo in the autumn of 2020. Both founders continue to be involved in an advisory capacity.

All change!

The pandemic proves to be a challenging time for the business. Direct sales and social distancing are not a good fit. By working with our sales partners, we manage to move our sales processes online within a matter of weeks and keep the supply chain moving during this time too.

A cleaner future

JEMAKO has achieved so much over the past 25 years with the support of the sales partners and the team in Rhede. With new management, cleaning innovations and a clear understanding of direct sales in the current market, we’re reinforcing the JEMAKO principles and cleaning our way to a brighter future.

Clean collaboration for 25 years

Teamwork is essential in direct sales. JEMAKO’s success is down to our strong network of forward-looking sales partners, our employees and our management team.

Sarah Weissfeld,
sales partner from Bonn

“Happy Birthday JEMAKO! I might not have been with you for that long but I can see why some of my colleagues have been working independently with JEMAKO for 10 or 20 years or even longer than that. Direct sales is all about the people! Everything we do revolves around relationships with other people. By being so close to customers – and even in their homes – I can really show them our products, offer them advice, recommend the right products for them and just help them. I often find myself feeling deeply grateful for that opportunity. I have such a positive feeling about my work. I don’t think it would be the same if I were working in traditional sales. And the fact that I can still be my own boss with such a strong brand behind me is the best bit of all!”

Lukas Lindenbuß,
member of the JEMAKO marketing team

“I’ve always been fascinated by the hype around JEMAKO products and it still really motivates me. I mean, we’re selling such practical domestic products like cloths and cleaners. And yet this brand doesn’t have customers – it has die-hard fans who will only use JEMAKO cleaning products in their home. You can’t buy this level of loyalty! That’s all down to our sales partners, who have been acting as brand ambassadors for 25 years. Their dedication to giving people the advice they need has given JEMAKO its USP and made us stand out from the crowd.”

Aida Rizvo,
CEO of JEMAKO since 2020

“I fell in love with the ‘simply clean’ concept from day one. We’ve all found ourselves staring at the cleaning products on the supermarket shelf in utter confusion at some point. But JEMAKO customers never have to worry about that. As a modern direct sales business with a full range of top-quality cleaning products, we’re perfectly placed to speak directly to customers, provide excellent advice and offer a unique shopping experience. JEMAKO has based its 25 years of success on this principle. But it wouldn’t have been possible without the passion of all our JEMAKO sales partners and the entire team in Rhede that keeps on revolutionising cleaning. Thank you to each and every one of you!”

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